Who is Pandy Bode? 

Pandy Bode was created by our family to give you a place to find fun and unique items that will bring happiness to your family. Pandy Bode is a business registered in Florida, USA. 

We have a small team of employees that make this company go. I am Katie, owner and founder of Pandy Bode. In addition to selecting sweet, unique items for our store, I handle all customer relations.

As we continue to grow, I will continue to be in touch with our customers as much as possible. I understand that without satisfied customers, this business will cease to operate. We love you for your business. 

How long does shipping take? Where is my order?

Like many other online retail boutiques, we offer high quality items at low prices. While we do ship some of our products ship from our warehouse in Florida, many items also ship directly from warehouses overseas.

Shipping directly from our overseas warehouses helps to keep the costs down and ultimately allows us to offer the lowest prices.

We understand it’s important to have your items asap. We assure you that you will receive your order in a timely manner.

Please allow up to 14 business days (business days are Monday-Friday) to receive all items in an order. We appreciate your patience.

I received part of my order, but where is the rest?

Not all of our products ship from the same warehouses. For efficiency and fastest delivery, our fulfillment centers will often pick, pack and ship each item individually. Please allow up to 14 business days to receive all items in an order. We appreciate your patience.

The tracking has not updated in a long time. Is my order on the way?

Yes. When items ship from our overseas warehouses, tracking can be slow to update. Often the tracking will show no progress for up to a week but then suddenly update as it is transferred to USPS and then be delivered a day or two later.

We promise that you will receive your products or we will refund your money.

If you have questions about tracking, I will gladly look into your order.

Is the order process secure?

Yes. We use a highly secure payment gateway provided by a merchant account services provider located in the United States.

And, we offer PayPal, which is also a highly secure payment processing provider.

How do I dispute a transaction? 

If you have any concerns with your order, whether it be a quality issue, sizing issue, not received etc., please contact me right away and I will respond within 1 business day (Katie@pandybode.com).

We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied. We understand that it’s sometimes scary buying online from stores you've never purchased from before. For this reason, customers can sometimes be quick to cancel orders or dispute transactions.

By contacting me directly rather than immediately disputing a transaction with PayPal or your credit card company, you’ll save us both a ton of hassle.

Disputes with PayPal and credit card companies can take 30 days or more. And they charge businesses like ours hefty fees, even when we intend to offer a full refund to customers.

If you're not satisfied and a refund is necessary, I will process it immediately. 

This way, it's faster for you and easier for me rather than work through a dispute with my merchant services provider or PayPal.

I promise I will do my best to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied.

Where are your products made? 

Most of our current suppliers are located in China. We have developed relationships with manufacturers and suppliers with excellent manufacturing standards and high quality products. We are very selective of our suppliers and we only sell high quality products in our store. 

What is your return policy?

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We will accept returns on unworn or unused products within 14 days of receiving the item(s). As soon as we receive the return, we will send a replacement or issue a refund.

If you must return a product for whatever reason, we will provide a pre-paid shipping label. Please email me at Katie@pandybode.com and I will email you a return label. 

Coupon code is not working/ I forgot to use the code. What do I do?

Coupon codes are entered at checkout. The discount is reflected in the total price. 

If you're attempting to use a coupon code and it's not working, or if you placed an order and forgot to enter the coupon code, please contact me. I will manually enter the discount or refund the difference in price.

Unfortunately, our checkout system only allows for one (1) coupon code to be used for each purchase. If you have multiple coupons, you'll have to use them individually. 

What are the washing instructions?

Most of our items can be machine washed in a light cold cycle and machine dried on low heat. Other items, such as delicate dresses, should be hand washed and hang dried or laid flat to dry.


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